You need to change in unexpected ways – Hungry Oakbeard 2021

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22 years never sounded like old age. 22 is in the category of vital, energetic, inspired youth, yet I sometimes felt the opposite.
I slept well, exercised, went for fresh air daily, cooked home-made, ate fruits and veggies; I tried to live a healthy and productive life. Still, there were times when I was tired, bored, frustrated, stressed, and that’s when I realized I need to stop trying to feel good.

We, as humankind, have an inherent reluctance to be different; our bodies physically hate change, we fight to keep the status quo, we bleed for it in battles and wars, change was always the enemy, and people that wanted it were prosecuted across many nations and cultures.

But change is still a part of life, hey, it’s the basic building stone of life. Change is gonna happen whether we want it or nah.
Our biggest advantage as a species is our ability to be conscious:
We can perceive ourselves in a way animals simply cannot, we can take stock of our present and past life status, and we can envision a brand new future and move towards it, we tamed our own personal evolution.

Change is still not the easiest thing on Earth; plenty of people feel stuck in their life situation, they are angry at people that give them advice like “anything can be achieved in small steps.” Still, there is nuance (as in completely everything), and that sentence is not completely true.
How do you cross a deep scary chasm in 4 tiny hops?

I’ve found my chasm.

I dedicated my teenage years to get better, and it has been driving me ever since into an honestly pretty chill present, but this feeling of always having to be better started to be toxic in a way I would never guess.
I always felt not got enough, hence the need to improve, but now I look at this chasm of needless perfection that I’ve been falling in over and over, never realizing that I need to jump across it.

I am doing a seven-day fast now, am on day 4, and my body-mind-spirit connection has never been clearer. I realize now that I need to stop trying to be perfect and just start being natural.

Holy crap those chips look SOOO good (am starving, help)

Friends, don’t sacrifice your present in the name of the future. Stop engaging in sleepless nights to make more money, be more successful, more popular, or whatever you are striving for.
Go take a nap. Play your favorite video-game. Eat that burger with gusto. Enjoy everything. I love you.

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