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Each day brings an infinite amount of information:
During lunch, you can notice the weight of ketchup in the bottle and take a mental note that you will need to buy another one next week.
During a walk, you see 348 different cars with different colors, brands and drivers.
During a nap, you perceive a myriad of shapes, thoughts and imaginative pictures.

How can you deal with this Chaos we call Life?

Really now, how do you treat all of this information?
Are you able to discern the important from the unimportant?
What is important for you anyways?
Is it the almost-empty ketchup bottle so your family can enjoy it continuously?
Is it what cars other people are driving?
Or is it the weird messages your brain is trying to force into your consciousness?

I am the third sort of human; my Inner World is essential to me because it is the one thing that is, like a sponge, able to absorb ALL information in one way or another, and I respect that skill.

Inside, the brain-hole I call Mind is a seemingly infinite Subconsciousness that is not just another silly word they taught you at school, but a HUGE Iceberg underneath the sea-level upon which you float with your tiny Concscious Raft.
This iceberg is underneath you all the time, it shifts and turns around, and at different times of day, it shows a different landmass on your Sea’s Surface.
Sometimes: Forests emerge, then Deserts, suddenly Hills, unexpectedly Plains, surprise Jungles… all of the Minecraft biomes imaginable can appear from that rotating and floating “subconscious-berg.”

This unbelievable landmass of colors, shapes and possibilities acts like your own personal Katamari Damacy (look it up). It absorbs everything it touches. Every little detail you see, hear, smell, touch and taste gets sucked inside it.

Imagine how big it’s underneath.

Friend, please! Take care of your rolling Sticky-Ball-of-a-Mindβ„’ and try to not feed it bullshit, like ads or toxic people’s rambling.
Feed it constructive, imaginative and simple sustenance, like the sound of raindrops or the blog posts of Oak | | Beard Inc.

And if you allow bullshit to enter (as we ALL do), treat your mind to some self-cleaning time:
set a timer for 5 minutes, close your eyes (not now),
look for the shapes your mind produces, see the waves calming,
breathe like its the first time today,
breathe out all the chaos and stress.

Share this page with a friend you love, to a friend that needs the break, then close your eyes… πŸ’–

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