The World is Indeed Dying

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The world is facing an apocalypse. Most of us act as if we are the last few generations on Earth. We think that the world is ending, and we act like it in this modern Western culture.

Change-makers dare to accuse us that we are slowly driving this beautiful sculpture of a culture into the ground.

We ought to remember. We need to see with clear, discerning eyes. It’s a mess right now. Our economies. Our spirits. Our serenity. Are we really incapable of seeing that as a race, we have spent 19 thousand years only to create this matrix, this crappy environment?

Why aren’t we better? Why is this still the same tribal warfare of anxious and aggressive monkeys, resulting in needless pain and suffering? How come we aren’t past wars, past the selfishness built on other people’s misery.

What do I mean? We had great ages filled with scientific wonder, mind-altering philosophies, and efficient materialistic policies.

Unfortunately, we also suffered through the Dark Ages…the slavery aspect of the past has been reduced a bit by calling it serfdom, yet somehow the brutality of war, killing, and robbing skyrocketed. Cultural advances were scarce since the really good ones were awarded with getting “burning at the stake”.

I generalize here for the sake of readability and concept generation, but I think you see what I mean. You understand and feel what I mean. Now is the time for a golden age. Now is the time for us to understand and act better. But we need to change. We lost perspective and we’ve built a lot of unnecessary blockades and barricades for a decent living. We live in a fucking century in which we’ve created robots and literal fully automated devices and machines. Yet somehow, we aren’t capable of living decently while in ages past, all that was needed was a couple of slaves for meaningless manual labor and the rest of the nation could call it a day. Now, in the fucking 21st century, where literally everything can be made fast, cheap, and accessible… we suffer, how is this possible?


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