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“Hi, am Oakbeard” is a phrase my friends know intimately. It is reserved for them, for the people that have fun with me playing video games, and now I present it to you, dear, beautiful, lovely reader 🥰

The name Oakbeard is old, as is my childlike imagination.
It is my sacred word. My Buddhist “Om.”

Lovely Oak by Kevan Craft from Pixabay

When I was 10 years old, I wanted to explore everything; I was the kid that not only read Tolkien but actually studied the extensive history in the back pages. I even learned the runic alphabets (!). Same level of investment was never given to school homework (I still wonder why).

The name emerged from a fascination for the fantasy race of dwarves. The short, temperamental, greedy folk of the mountain. The resourceful, self-sufficient race of stone.

From the fantasy addiction (coming from many great books), I coined myself a dwarven name. The 10-year-old me started to call himself Oakbeard, and it felt appropriate:
1) Oak (as a tree) grows tall and proud. It has strong roots, an expansive crown, and is nicely green.
2) Beard (facial hair) was something the 10yo could not have, but would in the future, it was a promise to my future self, to honor the wishes of my Child self in a Man’s way.
3) There is a hidden animal inside that name, my spirit animal with which I am proud to share common values, a Bear.

For many years I stuck to the name. Many friends abroad know me by it. It is my retreat from the daily routine. I find solace and peace in it. And what is the most precious? In this name, I find energy and inspiration.

Rugged bearded man. Courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay

For most of my life, I felt like a fuck up, but as Oakbeard, I feel worthy. Yet, in the world of gaming, you do not have many ways to build a legacy, which is my core aim for this new venture. To create a site filled with knowledge. To carve a library underground. To use the practical experience I’ve learned over the years. will help people of the Second Millenium find their peace. With the help of books, video games, and the philosophers that came before us, I want to teach you how I wished to be taught in school.

If my story resonated slightly, bookmark my web and check it from time to time.

Peace ☮ and most importantly: ❤️

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