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Hi friend, glad to have you 🌳💖 Today, we discuss:

Why I bought a digital picture for an entire months salary?

A man,
stands at the beginning of things. People reject him. People adore him. He created plenty. Like a Reverse-Sauron he forged items of great power. He’s a visionary. He knows. He lives. He ACTS.

This batman without a suit is Gary Vaynerchuck. It has been 15 years, since he first tasted the MASSIVELY ACIDIC CONTROLLED CHAOS on Wine Library #298. This year, he created one of the biggest launches of crypto art. Among the plenty of art presented was The Oak Monster:

Digital image #09055 worth: $7,203.08 (at the time of writing this).
And it’s gonna take much more for me to hand-over this beauty!

Art represents values.
Guys like Mona Lisa, because it reflects their deep desire to unlock their feminine side or something like that 🤷‍♀️ (but honestly, Mona Lisa looks a tad like Leonardo, no?)
That is what art is for, people find themselves in the things they own, like and represent.
And where normal people bought Passionate Parrots, because they are passionate or Determined Dolphins, because they are determined, Oakbeard bought Oak Monster, because… because… :


There is time and place for Oak Monster.
There is time and place for Oak | | Beard.

I am glad you are spending your time with me.

Anyway, if you really wanted to know, I bought Oak Monster because:

  1. It symbolizes bad stuff that is likable if put together
  2. Have trust in Gary Vaynerchuck
  3. Want to be at the beginning of revolutions
  4. Hands-on experience with NFTs
  5. It made a cool blog post
  6. Status, legacy, fun, blueprint on how to launch stuff
  7. I felt it intuitively, and intuition never betrays (sometimes makes mistakes, but hey, not today)
  8. It’s been two months and Oak Monster’s subjective value rose 300% (talk about ROI)

PS: If you want my Oak Monster:


You better save up, it’s worth a Year of Freedom to me.

Have a great day friends. 🌳💖

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