Raving Rambles – A poem about steak

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Oh, beautiful muse, thank you for this inspiration that I am about to spew:

Hi, am Oakbeard, the resident crazy person that plays Rainbow Six Siege like a grandfather’s old pendulum clock. Either extremely smoothly, or I’ll swing and never return.

There was a quote in our Siege team yesterday saying: “This team sounds like 2 married couples and Oakbeard… saying he’s Oakbeard.”
My intuition states I should get offended and cranky, but honestly… am Oakbeard and this entire persona is about being at peace.

That was a tangent that could’ve been more concise or useful but I got cut of by an IRL offer to have steak for dinner and there will be no revisions in today’s blog posting. You are getting it raw (yet gentle).

All the inspiration to provide you with a useful, life-changing article just got transmuted into delish thoughts about sauces and beef.
This brings me to a time I puked all over a limo with my lovely Siege friends:

Eat while you still can

Guys, if you are a skinny person like me. Do not try to play bingo with these acts:

  • Eating a full-tasting menu of luxury steak.
  • Combining Russian Standard with proprietary energy can of poison.
  • Putting a whole bag of concentrated nordic nicotine under your tongue

Do these things in a span of 30 minutes and I guarantee you that your stomach will get the cleansing it craves, but do it in a controlled environment. There is no need to make the driver, who serves his first day on the job driving a limo, retch in disgust while he’s forced to clean the floor of his vehicle, shame on me.

Make a situation where you can clean your messes, don’t hug a public trash can, while the limo gets polished by your fellow man.

Why lemon, why?

There is nothing stopping me to get the psychological treatment I need, but isn’t making a blog and having a retreat just for myself the correct way? I fight my own inner battles, stubbornly. Successfully.

Honestly now. There were a lot of miscellaneous thoughts swimming through my brain-space. I got from the work stressed. My shoulders ain’t relaxing how they should and I feel a lot of repressed energy.
But it’s ok, I am aware of the problem and have ways of dealing with it.

First: Trust in yourself
Second: Have a bath
Third: Do your work and skim on the revision (because you trust in yourself)
Fourth: Go exercise and learn Tai’chi
Fiveth: Read a lovely book

On this note, I would love to wish you a goodbye and a see-you-later.
I love that you are here, reading and making sense of these words with me.

Sending Love that you deserve ❤️

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