Persist and Thrive: The Divine Code of Humanity’s Existence

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Persist and support others in their persistence so that our beliefs and innovations may survive beyond us.

This is the divine coded message: persist, withstand, and engage in this life with its established norms. Exist. Cherish. Revel.

Oh, my dear Humanity. It’s all remarkably straightforward, the very thing we all seek. Partake in the game with zeal or surrender. Remember, we all have a breaking point, and for every human, the ultimate one is death, yet many decide to surrender earlier.

So, don’t forsake our planet, don’t abandon the beauty of life; it’s all an incredible experiment, a vast journey, a billion-year-long voyage of the tiny replicating fragments in our DNA that are fervently attempting to manage the chaos of existence within the cosmos.

Don’t give up.
Play the Game.


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