Paradox of Spirituality

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Abolish ALL rules. Forget ALL fears. Completely dissolve into your surroundings. Drop into the warm embrace of feminine earth. Imagine you are dead, free of suffering, one with the Earth.
You finally arrived, there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to flinch from and no problems to solve.

Breathe in, let yourself be inspired.
Breathe out, let yourself be expired.

Breath is your spirit’s energy source. The body defaults to minimize breath and so unknowingly diminishes the spirit. The body likes to be lazy, to conserve energy. I bet you will forget to breathe after two or three paragraphs. I forgot breathing while writing previous sentences so don’t feel bad.

There are many spiritual woo-woo teachings about the importance of the present moment. I get it, it’s zany, weird and doesn’t make much sense, because your past and future undeniably exist, there is no denying that with any “be present” arguments.

Well, yes and no – life is full of paradoxes and the one above is a clear example. Time does indeed exist, there was a past, there will be a future, but those things will exist with or without us, without you and without me.

Why should we then shackle ourselves to the notion of the future? The best we can do is to imagine it, that’s it.

To imagine is to run a brain-simulation about how the future could look like, we can never predict it clearly, it is impossible and we will eventually end up surprised, that is an unbendable rule. Imagining is useful, yes, but is it a skill in your life or is it a demon that shows you pictures you don’t like?
Kids are great at imagining, they have (or better: they haven’t lost) the skill to imagine inexplicable things and systems in their games and dreams.
This imagination can take a dark turn when you cannot control it and therefore we should turn to the simulation of the future by imagination only when needed. Not by compulsion.

Whatever appears on the blank page is for you to own fully and completely. If you hate it… change it. If it’s unchangeable, laugh about it.

The past has the same issue, your brain is amazing, it remembers so much. I daresay the human brain is the highest evolution of a computer (if computers existed before us).
What I am trying to say is that our brain is still faulty (as all man-made computers), it’s full of shortcuts and fallacies, it forgets the bad, remembers the good (or the other way around) and is generally not as precise about the past as it really happened.
I remember bits and pieces of my childhood, I bet you do too, but it is hard to recollect most of it and the Most is what makes up our Subconscious, the Most is the important part, but how do you work with it if you can’t recall it?

You maintain the subconsciousness by giving the body a chance to communicate.
Be with all your faculties. With all your senses. With all your emotions (energy motions) and with your intuition – popping thoughts and seemingly random feelings that will assail you after you stay still for a moment – the combination of these factors is the body’s way of communication with our Consciousness.

How many shades of colour hide inside you?

Just like great specialists are able to first learn a trade or a skill, then unlearn it (disassociate) and then learn it all over again in a cycle that is actually an upward spiral. That is what separates great specialists from normal employees, the normal ones learn, act like they ate the wisdom of the world itself and stop the learning process, destroying the upward spiral of potential within themselves. The great know how much they don’t know, so they question their skill and therefore hone it to fantastic heights.

Disassociation (on any front) temporarily kills the ego, making space for new insights which can be objectively evaluated by your best perception and then re-integrated into your Being as a whole, creating a better version of the ego, which gets reborn with all the best remaining qualities.

Consciousness is such a stupidly named word, it’s one of the most important things for a human ever, yet it’s almost fucking unspellable.

Consciousness works in mysterious ways, it is easily swayed by everything that happens next to it. It speaks with the material world through senses, it flirts with other worlds through imagination. It exchanges ideas with other people verbally and non-verbally. It’s tough to keep it on track. It’s impossible to control all the time. Offer it guidance. Give it good ideas to chew on. Keep it realistic, calm and generative.
It’s tough to work with oneself. The work is so hard and so mysterious that it’s much easier to navigate through it with esoteric eyes, through magic, cards, philosophies, religion,… whatever you feel is best.

Keep your mind clear of garbage. Adopt easy foundations to live by and see clearly from where the garbage comes from and just laugh about it. Life is suffering, it always was and always will be. Without suffering, there would be no joy. Suffering is embedded into the environment and this is where we, humans, come in:

You have the immense power to change your immediate environment.
If you do so with your best intentions, your subconsciousness will flood you with better thoughts.
Go forth. Enrich your space. Make it lovely.

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