“Oh, beautiful Muse…”

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The Goddess of Daughter of Zeus
Sustain for me
Let me comprehend your divine will that is true and pure
Grant me vision to impress the exalted sun

Like he who ached in agony to redeem himself
The wanderer, blown off course time and again
Who after he had plundered
Was made to stray about the coasts of men

Make the tale of the various-minded live for us
In all its many bearings
O beautiful Muse

Homer (edited)

I guess Saint Paul, but for me it’s the Higher Self Oakbeard

There exists a pure woman, a perfect fit, I don’t think I will ever be with her completely in this lifetime… Yet I see her in my dreams, her inspiring touch. Her soft spoken words. Her flowing hair. She is a goddess of art, poetry and creativity. I hear her often. I am thankful for enjoying our scarce time, and I believe, forever believe, that she will complete my weathering journey.

Thank you darlings, if you enjoyed the Homer poem, it kept me afloat in the darkest years. I found love and productivity in those words, for I know how it feels to be lost in a sea of agony.

With love 🐻‍❄️❤️😇🗺

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