Off-Balance Crocodile meets his Path

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I do not believe in randomness. Maybe I am too long in a digital world where “randomness” is a clever illusion fixed by complex machinations of tiny computer chips. Still, I genuinely do not believe in random occurrences.
The look in her eyes, the tiny stars that sparkle with excitement, lead to thoughts long forgotten and long forbidden. I feel blessed for omens that happen, blessed for the energy of specific days and for my interpretations of all I observe. I hope it is Wisdom speaking, with an apt amount of Passion.

The tiny boy in me is not satisfied with my current state; he wants to explore, delve, and uncover.
The adventurous spirit desires.
I want to feel the hot white ember in my soul burn as it has been for years.
I feel him slowly evaporating under the pressure of my day-to-day responsibilities, tasks and routines.
Yet, I understand you do not build a stable life on bursty whimsy.
Life gets created by steady, consistent effort and constant revision of once presented choices, by being patient and pointed as closely as possible upon your Way, and trust me, darling, I will not stray.

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Let me explain that tangent up above:

I feel an image of a Road amongst trees. It is Spirit. It is Dream. It is Love.

Tomorrow, judging by a time measurement of long-dead spiritual teachers is the day of the E’ (Road). Tomorrow, two people will make progress by co-operation. It will be beautiful, scary and dangerous.
Between Road and Crocodile are nine days of Patience. The Path is still distant, yet I will walk along with it forever.

“Wary be the wayward man who loses focus of his special priority.

Wary be the lost who stubbornly insists that he knows his territory.

Wary be the foolish who dismisses dreams as pointless or silly.”

Be wary, for your mind is splicing a dangerous web of logical fallacies to save those grey muddy brain cells. True wisdom comes from the Heart.

Be wary, for Mind will exhaust the brain capacity, making you a drooling idiot that cannot make a straightforward choice. Heart is not part of that confusing equation.

Own a lake in your headspace.
Find a calm and leveled mountain lake in the middle of your vision’s x-axis.
If you don’t experience this state of focus when time matters, you will make a grave mistake.

Trust your body, trust that gut feeling that something is not quite ideal, trust it and find the source for your life depends on it.

I implore you, Path. Do the best thing you can. Do not change. Don’t do anything reckless; bide your time and choose the correct place. I will wait. For I never lose sight of love. The least we can do is inspire.

I pray for calmness.
So I can be passionate when it matters.

A Man found his Path and his shrinking soul healed.
His head became a lake once again.
Thank you

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