New Rennaisance – What to do if life sucks.

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Everything has been said.
Everything will be said again, and I don’t give a fuck.

What matters is what is being said at this very moment. The scholars of old are periodically forgotten, wisdom attained centuries ago lost, and the World is thirsting for a New Renaissance.

Not the Renaissance that will be situated in the past as another historical milestone, but in the Now, permanently, a “Present Renaissance.”

I make my own Rennaisance!

In this age of the Internet, globalization, stress (and cool video-games), I declare a time to stop, think, and realize what Humanity actually stands for. We are here as the guardians of this World, of our Earth, and we need to keep in mind our responsibility for it.

I applaud the masters like Richard Branson, the visionaries of the future, because they act in the present; they improve upon it and thus build a better future.
But I also applaud the Little People. I bow before every layman (or laywoman), worker, nurse, or shopkeeper as they live a good life.

Do not measure people by the same metric; each person is unique, each has a different life-road to take, and each is valid, as it should be, after all: does the rose grimace the same as a raccoon? No, for they are each a different lovely being.

Destiny Sandwich

There is a shit-sandwich waiting for us all; choose a flavor you are willing to eat it with gusto. Fulfill your Destiny, however humble.
You do not need to be a master. You are worth it. Just as you are. Here. Reading this modest article.

Have a great life. Stay present. Think about your Purpose. Enjoy your sandwich. Peace.

If you struggle to find your life purpose, send me an email or something, I exist to help you ❤️

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