I’ve fallen in love with my enemy

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When I was young, I’ve had a huge skepticism towards everything spiritual, I’ve hated astrology because I believed it manipulated with people.
“People cannot be defined by the time they were born… What nonsense!” or so I’ve thought.

Think about the moment you came into the world. You were overwhelmed by your senses. Everything you knew about “life” (a sweet dream inside your mother’s womb) has been torn to shreds by some weird man in a white coat who took you into the world and made you breathe on your own…

This is nice. A blooming Earth? So cute!

I do not remember my birth, do you?
My mind doesn’t have the memory…
…but what if somebody has it? What if the body has it? Could our memory of being born be hidden inside our very DNA?
Whos to say… But if our bodies do remember it… It would be exceptionally useful to know what the world “felt” like… because every time the world would “feel” the same way again – our bodies would respond in kind, if this knowledge wouldn’t help in psychotherapy, I don’t know what will!

Now, you are thinking, what does this crazy author mean by “world feeling” – well, everything is energy… and with the theory of relativity in our toolbelt we know that just the simple existence of matter and movement gives birth to energy. Now:

Each object in space has a mass, each star and each planet has its own gravity well. Each star (sun) also emits rays that have an effect on the other objects (yes, even our Earth) and on the things living there (yes, even you)…

So, if you figure out your beginning… the state the Earth was angled towards the cosmos, which stars were shining, how the Earth was positioned in relation to other planets, etc. You might trigger some feeling inside your body that has been dormant for ages. A breakthrough.

I’ve changed a lot in the years (though I still dislike pickles, don’t know why)… for one thing I’ve started to wrap my mind around spirituality. Some part of me still believes that it’s absolutely arbitrary, but that part gets hushed by another one that believes in the power of randomness (heck, the star signs represent values that most people should adhere to, it’s a good thing to follow them and to just think how it relates to your unique life) – but deep down I know there is something greater. A pearl of greater wisdom that waits to be derived…

The eyes hide entire universes. Through them shines your own Inner Universe (and it’s very beautiful, gotta say).

My Mayan sign is the Imox (“Imosh”), also called the Crocodile 🐊. Imox represents the primordial ocean that we all come from (the prebiotic soup).
It represents dreams and unconsciousness.
It’s a tough energy to work with because it gets a little crazy from all those oceanic deep dives it frequently engages with.
The Jungians would call this nawal (or “day sign”) the “Collective Unconscious”, my nawal is also paired with the number 8, representing All-There-Is.
That kicks a punch, trust me. Engaging with the entirety of All-That-Is-Was-And-Ever-Will-Be is tough.

That’s why I would like to use this intuitive energy and my newly-regained spiritual drive to help others figure their life out. Life is confusing for all of us – the Earth isn’t called the Spirit School just for kicks!

So if you feel like this crazy man (me) could give you some value… Let him know!

BUT STOP… the crazy man doesn’t think he is prepared at this time (gimme 13 days 😉)
In the meantime… visit mysticcrystaldream.com. This gorgeous lady is sensational!
Amazing at reading tarot. Her intuition is out of this world and she overflows with positive vibes.
Trust my word, I am pretty judgy when it comes to people, but she is just so damn good at what she does, go show her some love!

Anyhoot, have an amazing day you beautiful soul! 🌳💖
See ya! 😘

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