Humans are 50% Worthless

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The human body sucks.
It doesn’t defend itself by piercing needles, by spitting poison or by weighing 5 tonnes and stomping the fuck out of any predator.
Shit! We can’t even fly!!

Human body is average in terms of strength, agility, speed or toughness, there is always an animal, that is better in those stats than anyone of us.

Like this smug cat over here.

The general survivability of our species should be pretty low, and… surprisingly it is not.

Our Tool, our Means, our Hardware is our |Reason |Intellect |Mind |Brain – however you like it named.

Each and every one of us has this, hopefully.

Though to fully use it… To remember its qualities and pitfalls when the time matters…

…is EXTREMELY hard.

Let me share with you a critical Ore Nugget of Wisdom (“ONoW” for short):
The |Reason’s |Intellect’s |Mind’s |Brain’s quality is that it is giving you Free Experience all the time. Just focus on *a thing* and your Mind will try to make sense of it or make it better just by imagination (running high-speed simulations inside your virtual brain space to generate possibilities).

Other Mind advantages are:

  • Anything it touches becomes better
  • If you ask, it will help you level up a skill or an attribute
  • It will solve problems automatically for you
  • If it cannot solve a problem immediatelly, it will find a way around
  • It regenerates quickly so its almost always ready for use
  • It can touch itself… so it itself gets better 🀯

Still holding the topic of one’s Intellect, here are some limitations:

  • The Reason gets tired; and even though it will try to help when asked, its abilities will be deteriorated and results will be shaky at best if you mistreat it by a lack of sleep or by smoking meth-cocaine.
  • It hijacks your Body, often in the name of automation and productivity, and unwittingly blocks You from enjoying Life.
  • The Brain sometimes jams and then jumps into a completely different stream of thought.
    If the Mind combines this feat with forgetting the previous, useful topic, you can become quite frustrated.
  • You cannot fight it. It is stronger than you in the end. The brain works all the time, even when you sleep and are lost in dreamy land; it works the body subconsciously. If you piss off your brain, get prepared for a little shutting down of the immunity system or some other sus malfunction.
The body has a King, who is it?

Become friends with your Mind again.

Become friends with your Body again.

But at the beginning remember this. You are not your Brain, nor the Character it created based on your perception of yourself (called the Ego).
The truth is this: The true You is Here… Now… Reading these words. Flowing with them and creating useful brain connections.
You are not the Character, because, by the time you create a Character in your Mind, you are no longer him, you are different. You moved through time. You changed even by mere milliseconds.

Each moment is a New Game | | Each moment has New Rules

Please remember that there is nothing more interesting than You. You are the mirror for everything you feel, see and imagine. You are mirroring the World and you are now Aware of it. Bask in that feeling, even if you don’t feel worthy, because I believe you are.


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