How to manage emotions

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Howdy. Whoever you are, I know what you are going through.
Not the specifics for sure, I am not that dense, but if you are a human (which is probable), then you carry a destiny with you that you might not understand yet. Let’s explore a bit.

The human condition brings all emotions as your equipment to survive in a world.
Sad | Happy | Hurt | Confident | Inspired | Fearful | Disgusted | Angry
All are useful; All have their place in the world; All are yours.

Let me tell you a wisdom snippet: You will always experience the entire spectrum of emotions. Do not evade them, do not postpone them. Let your emotions through your body because if you try to stop them, you will pay dearly in the future.

Stifled emotions are like a tribe of loansharks.
If you borrow from them and don’t repay your dues, they will break your fuckin’ bones and take all your coin.

Paint a happy little image of that last sentence

Use the energy that comes with emotions, transform it so it serves you. Treat emotions like a river:

  • Do not drown
  • Learn to swim
  • Adapt to the flow
  • Get where you need to smoothly

Do not hate the river. It’s just flowing there.

Peace ☮ and mostly: ❤️

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