Example of a Mayan Birth Sign Chart

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Hi, in this post, I chart my own birth for your example of what I know about life, of myself and of my spirits.
Self-awareness is a helluva drug!

Maya Chart: Tomáš Hájek – 10.5.1998 – 8 Imox

Mantra (semi-phonetically: aahah – imoshh – tz’ikin – kehah – tohah

My full Mayan Cross:

Aj (Reed) 🎑 as the Head (Conception)
Imox (Crocodile) 🐊 as the Heart (Soul)
Tz’ikin (Bird) 🦅 as the Right Arm (Gifts)
Kej (Deer) 🦌 as the Left Arm (Challenges)
Toj (Offering) 🔥 as the Legs (Destiny)

13 Aj (Reed) 🎑 as the Head (Conception)

Reed (or Sugarcane, or Corn), representing the staff of authority – the spinal column being energized with the power of the ancestors (number 13). The spirit world breathes its energy into the vertebrae. This energy has been there in your childhood. Helped you stand tall, proud and brave! Never ever lose this source, it connects to the Natural World.

Spiritual leader, representing a fatherly authority… Home, local community and family – bring harmony, that harmony has its roots in the other world. The protector of Life and Time.

Ancestral wisdom can always be employed to bring the required balance to a domestic situation.
Good at divinations on matters of home and on how to create stability within the family or community.

Aj Keywords: Corn, Cane, Planting, Pets, Children, Home, Family, Wealth, Altar, Spine.

Aj Shadow Side: Can require too much understanding. An over-worked care-taker causing depression. Too dependent.

Health: Only highly emotional adults will get sick (physically and mentally).

Corn has all Human Colors in it. Coincidence?

8 Imox (Crocodile, or Water Lily) 🐊 as the Heart (Soul)

8 Imox is a person that is whole with All-That-Is.

The wholeness of All-That-Is can be a very big thing to comprehend, in fact trying to do so could even drive you insane. Perhaps this is where the crazy image of Imox comes from, but this is certainly not what it is all about:

Imox is the Source of Life in its simplest and purest form.
This Energy is convenient for rituals in which we call upon the water element.
You ought to make ceremonies for the great lakes, the oceans and large bodies of water.

This is a person having a “foot and a fin”– unusual to ordinary people, but well-respected by those attuned to the occult forces of the universe.
Telepathically connected to creatures in the deep waters.

Imox gives the ability to Comprehend Nature and, according to that ability, to plan Life Steps. Imox means the Foundation in all senses of the word.
It represents all that corresponds to the Left Side of the Body, the gentler side of a human being—the “Feminine”, the “Yin”. It is everything unusual and eccentric.

This day 8 Imox is a recognition of the spirit of the times (the Zeitgeist), both the things we embrace and the things we push away. They all come from the same source

Manifested dreams.
Imox is the Strength that Holds Thoughts Together, the Strength of our Psyche.
Imox represents foolery and everything strange and unusual that differs from usual. Imox is the Energy that brings curiosities and unexpected things.

Imox Keywords: Water, Secret, Dreamer, Original, Source, Navigate.

Imox Shadow Side: Crazy with mood swings. Stubborn and violent.

Yes, this. A multi-layered Crocodile.

1 Kej (Deer) 🦌 as the Left Arm (Challenges)

Empowered through nature, a being full of vitality. Be guided and inspired by the power of the wilderness. If you have the opportunity, take a walk in the wild woods, embrace the elements and feel the power of nature…

Whilst Kej is known for its strength and vitality, number 1 suggests that we need to nurture this energy.

Radiate an aura of nobility, people tend to look to them to lead.
Energy that reveals hidden and dormant strength of people.

This is the majestic stag, standing on the mountain surveying his domain.
This nawal is the Four-Legged Kingdom, the Four Colors of Humanity,

Kej is the nawal of the Mayan “religion”, a day of spiritual leaders, shamans and priests. It is these leaders who understand how to read the messages from the natural world, who help to keep our existence in balance with nature. It is a day to connect with the wilderness and draw the power of the natural world into you, to harmonize and replenish.

Kej Keywords: King, Dominant, Potential, Hand, Power, Accomplish

Kej Shadow Side: Cannot defend themselves well. Angry, demanding and vicious if not peaceful inside.

Health: Strong and enduring. Sick only if their internal portrayal is incongruent with the external image.

Homely, primal Deer.

2 Tz’ikin (Bird) 🦅 as the Right Arm (Gifts)

See and resolve duality for the prosperity of all.
Serious -> Fun
Guardian of the Mayalands, Tz’ikin is connected with the Heart of the Sky.
Clear and open-minded Mediator resolving situations.
Penetrating vision brings Prosperity and Abundance through Visions. Perspective. Bigger picture.

This nawal makes sure you are the maker of your own destiny. Luck in love; fortune comes easily.
Outgoing, friendly and intelligent. Carry Blood Lightening (or Kundalini, or Ki, or the Force).

Because Crocodiles are sexual, sensitive and evocative they must reign in any codependent tendencies.

See and understand elements of self-sacrifice required within a relationship in order to bring prosperity.

See both perspectives, both sides of the story. Create harmony by looking through others’ eyes.
The prosperity that Tz’ikin guides us to is on a much deeper level than the material or sensual.
It brings us the visions which help our environment, families and communities to thrive, which help them to truly prosper and multiply.

The bird inside the right brain and on the heart side of the body brings good luck and fortune both in love and work.
Because Crocodiles are sexual, sensitive and evocative they must reign in any codependent tendencies.

Tz’ikin Keywords: Abundance, Produce, Prosper, Intermediary, Bird’s Eye View, Clarity, Song, Fly, Dream
Tz’ikin Shadow side: Can grow bored and easily lose interest. Can take shortcuts to cheat others. Can lose the path in opportunism, responsibility and infidelity.

Health: Corrodes only in frustration and anger.

Attentive and focus Bird.

3 Toj (Offering) 🔥 as the Legs (Destiny)

Look within to serve.

Fate is determined by the offerings and prayers to the guiding spirits.
This energy makes sure I will pay for my mistakes and indulgences.
My commitment to spirit will ensure that I don’t regress into despair and into un-evolved depths.

It may seem today that nothing is good enough.
It is a day to tread carefully, avoid making debt and to better leave the payment for another day.

This is a day to avoid the external transactions and focus on what you owe to yourself. Take some time to give yourself what you need, to replenish what has been spent and acknowledge what you owe to your own spirit. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

By going within today, you may find other ways in which you can be of service to the world.

Toj Keywords: Blood, Water, Payment, Debt, Needy

Health: Take special care of yourself and your physical being. The constitution is weak and the fights are hard. Beware of exhaustion and disease.

Toj Shadow Side: Fighting for other causes depletes them. Don’t become unfocused, fighty and negative. Forget they have their own karma to bear.

Pay debts or burn down from the inside. Offering everybody!

8 Imox – Oneliners

  • I love my home, I’m the keeper and master of the home hearth.
  • I’m spiritual, social and receptive.
  • My thoughts and actions are pure.
  • I can adapt to changing situations.
  • I prefer peace and comfort to work and sacrifice.
  • Others consider me eccentric, reckless, presumptuous and abnormal.
  • I have a strong personality and am receptive to clairvoyant vibrations.
  • I am developing my intuitive abilities, especially dream messages.
  • I can be a good hypnotist.
  • I pride myself on my strong, gentlemanly nature.
  • There is no happy medium for me and once I make a decision, there is no turning back.
  • I experience moments of supreme joy and deepest sorrow.
  • I feel like no one understands me and I attract attention.
  • I am warm, caring, devoted and romantic.
  • I tend to have tumultuous relationships and love affairs that combine passion, addiction and madness.
  • I am shrouded in a veil of mystery that adds to the magnetism of my charismatic personality.
  • I am very lucky in love and always find a partner who fulfills my needs.
  • I am not exactly a sign of fidelity, but I can take care of my fellow men and I enjoy home life.
  • When I am young, I attract older women.
  • When I get older, I will attract younger women.
  • I’m usually successful in everything I undertake.
  • I’m lucky and find protection in the opposite sex.
  • Sometimes I become a typical freeloader, but I do a lot of things on my own and work my way up to a decent position in society.
  • I rarely encounter problems and I’m lucky with money.
  • I don’t like scams, I’m bubbly, creative and love to help people who are living the same dreams.
  • I accept the cosmic messages.
  • I was born on an even day and could become an Ajq’ijab – a Shaman (would I have enough energy in my hands though?).
  • My clairvoyance allows me to be sensitive to other people’s pain.
  • I tend to be indecisive, violent, chaotic, distrustful and dishonest.
  • I can suffer from temporary mental disorders.
  • I tend to be moody and often overreact. I’m prone to lying and picking fights.
  • I soon get fed up with my love partners and tend to be lecherous and unscrupulous.
  • I leave my offspring all over the world.
  • I am changeable, egotistical and stubborn.
A forest full of possibilities. All cannot be manifested… That’s good

Bonus Information:

This day brings auspicious energy to strengthen inner strength and spirit. It is worth asking for rain and cleansing of rivers, lakes and seas.

Possible professions: Teacher, psychologist, sociologist, doctor, artist, poet, orator, politician, writer, judge, spiritual healer.

Body Centers: Blood, thyroid, genitals. (1)
Animals: Lizard, crocodile, shark, turtle.
Location: Rivers, streams, sea.
Colors: Yellow, green, light blue.

  • The meaning of life, for me, is to walk unusual paths.
    To others, I may seem strange to the point of being totally insane.
    I have a strong attachment to marine animals, especially whales and dolphins.
  • I’m the fastest to develop paranormal abilities.
    I was born with an extraordinary intuition and I respect it.
    I have a lot of visions, mostly during storms, lightning opens up inner channels.
    I have dream apparitions all the time, I need my own code to understand them.

Anything else? Summary:

The Aj (Cane) in conception gives direction to my life and endows me with a certain solemnity… a sense of order, otherwise, my innate silliness would have no limit.
Aj makes coexistence with other people possible.
Love is what makes me settle down and brings me to the other extreme – too much seriousness.
Aj itself is a bringer of happiness, it provides security and safety in life and allows others to recognize my strengths.
But I must learn not to rely on my proverbial luck alone, for it can turn its back!

The Tz’ikin (Bird) brings good luck in work and business and ensures a comfortable life.
The combination of Imox and Tz’ikin energies has made me a romantic, loving and passionate individual who occasionally suffers from bouts of apathy.

The Key (Deer) brings me closer to nature and allows me to find a way out of any situation.
It endows me with quick thinking, which I need throughout my life if I am to cope with difficulties.
I have to watch out for drugs and sex. Even though I seem to have everything under control, at certain moments these vices can take hold of me and I find it hard to extricate myself from them.

This (Sacrifice) in destiny ensures that I pay for my mistakes.
Even if, thanks to the protection of the spirits, I come out of everything without consequences, I have to pay a certain inner price for everything, and there will be obstacles, trials that will complicate my efforts…
It is best, therefore, that I learn to correct my sins by spiritual sacrifice and by giving direct material help to those in dire need.

TLDR: Chaotic yet with an order, introverted and extroverted, content but ambitious, freedom-seeking, egoistic but humble, always rebellious, overthinking – but aware of it, always want to be the best at what I do.
Complex, weird, flexible and creative. Intelligent, keen, imaginative, trusting, lazy, sarcastic, honest, silly, funny, daring. Overly proud, probably narcissistic yet open and vulnerable.

Aah. The Sun. The Sun. The Sun. Thank you for connecting us so.

Final Words:

  • I send all the love to my aunts in Moravia for showing me a book about Mayan philosophy 🥰.
  • To Mark Elmy from thefourpillars.net for comprehensive information, his daily primers and for teaching me how to pronouce nawal names 😅.
  • Also to Lacey Rowe from mysticcrystaldream.com for being real, honest and extremely precise. 💚
  • I send love to mayancross.com for saving my sanity by swiftly calculating mayan dates.
  • I thank the spirits for kicking me down and throwing me down emotional cliffs. I learn from it all. Thank for all the stimulation thats being provided on my journey. It’s gonna be a fulfilling one. 🌳

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