Deer God

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Dear God, they say you created the Universe.

After sifting through the world’s major religions I can say it is true, but not how the majority presents it.

The truth is deeper than a bearded entity on a cloud judging if you should go to hell or heaven.

The word “God” was dragged through the mud of the last couple of millennia and it lost its meaning.

There is indeed a God-Like Entity in the universe. That Entity is… the Universe.

Deer God, also part of the Universe

God is everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be.
Be it physically, mentally, or energetically manifested as an animal, a thought, or a passion for drawing smurfs. This Being is the elusive God.
You can experience this Being, just by… well… being. By feeling your body, that you have the privilege to operate, to feel, to think, to imagine, to copy and reframe the endlessness that we came from and to build our legacy.

Our culture is amazing, we managed to claw out from the harshness of the natural world, we carved our own place among the mountains and seas. We are smart animals. We solve problems for breakfast and we can advance any concept we wish. There is one gleaming “but”: We outgrew our nature in a destructive way because we lost touch with “god”, or rather with “Being”.

I propose we make some part of our lives spiritual again, and it doesn’t need to be some intangible woo-woo bullshit. Spirituality means inhabiting the body fully or to the best of our abilities.

Spirituality is realizing that our body is mostly automized, it has in-built heuristics, shortcuts in thinking and in acting. Our bodies are made to avoid pain and to pursue pleasure because it kept us alive when we didn’t have it so easy (sabretooth fucking tigers!).

Thank god we don’t have sabretooth rabbits

After you realize that your thoughts and your mind are just tools that are constantly turned on and running, thinking, imagining, reviewing the past and rehearsing the future, you can stop.
You can observe. You can widen your awareness and put more quality input for the mind-brain to chew on.

So stop now. Read each word… slowly, find appreciation that you are picking through the best of my mind. Enjoy new thoughts arising in your own mind. See if there are any negative ones, if yes, why?

What is there to be afraid of? What is there to be stressed about? Realize the peace within your body. Scan your body. How are your feet doing? How about your legs, pelvis, tummy, chest, arms, neck, head,…
You are a metropolis of all your organs, your limbs, systems and cells. You are a work of art. Nature made you. It also made your mind to help you survive. You are not this mind, it is just another part of you that you can use. You are your entire body. Listen to it and ignore the mind sometimes. Your quality of life will skyrocket.

My mind was toxic, it repeated all the bad things it heard. It created catastrophic scenarios, made horrific assumptions and was generally a huge asshole. So I stopped listening to it. I observed it instead and realized that I had an issue with my mind. I… I was something else than my mind. I was the one watching it. I could see an image that my mind produced and I could choose if I liked it or not.

I gave my mind a job – to put myself into the shoes of other people. The ones better than me, the ones worse than me, the adventurers, the pioneers, the killers, the robbers, the gardeners, the teachers, the dictators, the benevolent kings, everybody.

I could simulate the bad, the good and the ugly whenever I wanted and in time I dropped the natural tendency to identify with the simulations the brain ran.
Don’t identify with your mind. Identify with Being. Identify with your surroundings, with your loved ones, with your friends. Make the environment you experience better. Experience things fully and give what you can. Act like a godly being.

You will never become the mountain, but you can mirror its qualities. Stability, power, achievement.

You have your own universe to rule, you have your body. The Inner Kingdom. Refine its premises and interact with other god-beings so you can upgrade yourselve and everything at the same time.
We take in the universe through our senses, we chew on it in our brain matter, and then we spew it in the form of our work, actions, and words.
We build universes inside our heads, we run simulations in them. We imagine what could’ve happened. We bend reality in our minds.

We desire to change if reality harshly clashes with our imagination, and when we envision plausible change, we pursue it, this is how we collectively shape the World to our liking.

I have a multiverse theory about people helping each other build cool universes by sharing experience, gained in space and time, to level each other in an epic game we call life.
Ok, that sentence could’ve been phrased better. Whatever.

Enjoy your life and never stop Being. 🌳💖

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