Beat your doppelganger!

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Hi, am Oakbeard. Today am here to scare the living shit out of you. This is a hardcore motivational post and if this doesn’t get you moving, am not sure what will (apart from me, in other just as brilliant posts).

Imagine there is a parallel universe with the same person as you. It’s your twin if he shared more than just your DNA, but your life experience and life situation also.
This dude/dudette is striving for the same stuff as you are, but due to quantum entanglement (or *insert any Stargate-tech-quote here*), what he achieves cannot be achieved by you (hypothetical scenario, bear with me).

Really, just bear with me

You are now in a neverending race—you against yourself. What one achieves cannot be achieved by the other. Go!

What does this doppelganger do to get into the finish line first?

  • Is he stuck for ten years in the same 9-5?
  • Does he watch the news on the television or does he read epic blog posts tailored precisely for him?
  • Does he exercise? Meditate? Gets enough sun? Or is he too tired to fetch his own slippers in the morning?
  • Does he eat fresh food with awareness and gusto? Or does he gorge on the fattiest McDonald’s available?
  • Does he read the same type of detective novel over and over again, or he picks a book that expands his boundaries of self-knowledge?

What is this alternative twin doing that is scaring you?
Why are you angry with this imaginary person all of a sudden?

Doesn’t he have the same potential as you do?

Go chase that little fucker and beat him! Pick the right choices when you get to your life’s crossroads. And always remember that you have an unfair advantage: Oakbeard is here to help. Always.
Also, don’t be too hard on yourself, but man-up when shit needs to be done!

Tired Oakbeard out. Peace. And ❤️

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