Apocalypse or Golden Age?

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Plenty of cultures tried to predict the end of the world. Most known are the Maya with their hugely cool moving calendars. These people knew a lot about astronomy, numbers, sacrificing people, and how to grow corn. We are gonna treat their wisdom with respect and clear some misconceptions about the year 2012.

Indian Vedic religions said we were in the Iron Age, a dark nโ€™ sad age of ignorance, delusion, and greed (called Kali Yuga), but there was a Golden Age coming (Satya Yuga), and honestly, if I look at the sheer number of Indian startups nowadays… there might be something about it.
Incas believe that we are near the end of the fifth age and moving to the sixth. Hopi counter-argued that we are in the fourth and final age, but have you ever heard about Hopi? I haven’t.
The Maya and other Mesoamericans believe that we are shifting from the fourth age to the fifth, transitioning from the Valley of Nine Hells to the Time of Warning.

Anyhoot: Cultures predict that there is a better worldview coming to us Earthlings.

I’ve read an old book in my youth about the year 2012 from a doctor that visited a Mayan village. In its entirety, it said that the year 2012 had nothing apocalyptic in store: no meteors, earth cracking in half, floods reaching the Himalaya, naah.
The book said: 2012 was the year the Humans start turning inwards. Thinking about their lives, searching for better meanings, better gods, better work.
This year was supposed to mark the beginning of a new age, slow, patient turn-away from the disasters, wars, miscommunication, and hatredโ€”a shift towards peace, growth, honesty, and balance.

Look at this. I would own so many llamas and chill in the clouds. Hmmm.

But people still acted like huge assholes about 2012, fake news, hysteria, pointless arguments, fear, ignorance, and hostility.

People will misinterpret anything. Literally anything, even good news, like a brand new age starting. I am not surprised people don’t talk about 2012 anymore, it was a shitstorm, and even I am getting angry over this.
The world’s reaction to a well-meaned information made me think if the majority of people really know what the fuck they are doing.

It made me a skeptic for a long time, but the experience provided a lot of needed perspective: it doesn’t matter what the majority thinks; it doesn’t even matter what the minority thinks.
What I think matters, and I think that there is so much uncreated goodness that is soon gonna see the light of the World, new technology, binding people with common loves and interests. A free market, privatized peace, useful teachings. Things are coming we don’t yet understand, but they are coming and each of our actions is bringing that Better World Vision closer.

That is what I believe.

The loudest people are not correct.


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