Who is Oakbeard?

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  • Born 1998, I technically know shit-all about life.
  • Just listening, learning, and doing the best I can.
  • I love to learn from video-games and books that carry a moral message.
  • I practice and study philosophy, mindfulness, and spirituality. Anything good enough for an ancient tribe that smoked weed and chilled at a campfire all day is good enough for me.
  • Building a solid foundation for life: practicing yoga, meditation, and mindful living while investing, building a career, caring for a family, engaging with friends, and much more.
  • I am the Captain of my Life, blessed to be lost on the River;
    the Unknown Pilgrim, eternally exploring and learning the Way;
    the Gaming Connoisseur, surviving in foreign worlds;
    the Clueless Guru, who has seen the Truth but can’t convey it well;
    the Laziest Artist, dabbling in the world of symbols and concepts;
    the Humble Hominid, because being humble is a rare trait between humans
  • Welcome, my lovely friend. Please grant me the possibility to have a positive impact on your beautiful life.
Keep it up, darling!