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I am Here to Create a Positive Difference 🧿

Welcome! 💙

Life is both painful suffering and a magical ride through Space on a remarkably large, fertile and brilliantly abundant spaceship being dragged around and fed by the Sun.

Heck, this Rock even has minerals, plants, water, air and other cool shit.
Right under our noses. A work of art. A thing of beauty. 🥰🤍
C’mon! Earth is not really as bad as it is advertised!

Well, and who are You? You are a Human, a…

wise and industrious creature that has a great capacity to Love Life!
Here (meaning this blog), Ancient Knowledge exists and patiently waits for you to tap into it for Easy and entirely Free: Experience, Level-Ups and Skill Points.
I recommend getting as much exp as you can so you are able to smoothly and continuously build a better world for yourself, your family, your close friends and whomever else You choose. 😇💜🌊


A Snippet of Enlightenment: (+10 experience)

Life is an entire Coin 🪙
Life is on both Sides ⚖️
🤯Heads & Tails😇
🖤 Bad & Good 🤍
The Good has a tiny little Bad inside it
The Bad has a tiny little Good inside it


Neither. Is. Wrong.
Because you can’t have white without the concept of black
you can’t have black without the concept of white

Halves are destined to be Together
Just like passionate lovers

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A rumor about an Empire: (+5 experience)

An important part of this “Oneness” is Your Inner Empire:



…your Body and your Mind joined in a feeling of the upward climb toward the Clouds…

I swear that I will do my best to cultivate Your Inner Empire.

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Anyway, friend, hi! My real name is Thomas, and I congratulate you for surviving my ramblings up until now! ❤️‍🩹
I welcome you to this website, this… crossroad in the middle of a desert that is actually an ocean bed of a glorious project or six. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
I am going by “Oakbeard” on the Internet, and I want to share with you the main concepts | and patterns that live in me and, to a certain degree, in you.
Concepts help us navigate the storms that life throws into our seas whether we like it or not.

Let’s keep it short, fun and useful.
Enjoy the journey with me, browse the site for a free experience and ask if you have ANY questions or suggestions. ❤️😇🐻‍❄️
I mean it. Write anything to:

  • info@oakbeard.com
  • https://www.instagram.com/theoakbeard/?hl=en
  • https://twitter.com/TheOakbeard

PS: 😇😈

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Partial reviews 👇

“Holy shit. I haven’t read everything yet, but that stuff is gold.”

Haemling 2021

“Fuck you and your book-reading skills.”

Natty 2021

“Your voice is calming everybody down”

Shuffler 2021

Be free to explore from a multitude of articles, they will provide you with swift and easy experience points.

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